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800-633-2230 | sales@inhealthcds.com

Our Company

InHealth Clinical Documentation Solutions continually strives to ensure that the right solution is in place for your practice.


For over 30 years InHealth has been a trusted name in healthcare. Our narrative-based documentation solutions allow physicians to capture a comprehensive patient story and continue to meet the meaningful use requirements without making a radical change in physician workflow. We believe it should be the physicians’ choice how they decide to document their patient encounters.

Our transcription solution is workflow accommodating. Physicians have the ability to control how they want to provide and document patient care. Whether already on an EMR or just starting the process, InHealth Clinical Documentation Solutions (ICDS) has the tools and technology to help providers accelerate chart completion and incorporate critical narrative dictation without compromising productivity.

In order to help improve physician efficiency regardless of where they stand in the technology continuum, ICDS offers several options for clinical documentation. Whether you need a complete outsource transcription solution or a partial outsource solution, InHealth has the right solution for your practice.


InHealthCDS has developed a single source solution that is designed to leverage technology and workflow as tools to identify practice efficiencies, increase productivity and deliver the highest quality of care.

ICDS Values Excellence In:

• Quality
• Turn Around Time
• Customer Service
• Client Focused, Flexible Solutions
• Outsource Solutions – Partial and Full Service
• Document Management
• EMR Integration
• HIPAA Compliancy