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800-633-2230 | sales@inhealthcds.com

Our Solutions

Whether you need a complete outsource solution or a partial outsource solution, InHealth Clinical Documentation Solutions has the right transcription option for your practice.


With millions of new patients entering the healthcare system, it is paramount that today’s physician remains efficient. We understand that a physician can’t afford to cut back their patient schedule or change how they see patients just to accommodate new technology. Our goal is to offer narrative-based technology that is built around the physician and customized to work with their unique workflow.

At ICDS we know that the right documentation solutions can make all the difference. That’s why we provide:

100% HIPAA complaint safeguards and audit trail

✓ Transcriptionists trained in your specialty

✓ Secure access to completed documents

✓ Customizable templates: logos, formatted text, etc.

✓ Electronic signature capability

✓ Auto & Manual fax capability

✓ Same day or up to 24 hour TAT

✓ Listen to dictation in queue

InHealth’s customizable transcription software securely handles all aspects of document creation, storage, turnaround tracking, quality assurance and physician/practice access.


InHealth Clinical Documentation Solutions (ICDS) offers solutions designed to streamline documentation and improve data capture without slowing down busy providers. Solutions designed by InHealthCDS provide the ability for a practice to optimize its EMR to the fullest potential.

Let ICDS design a solution specific to your practice to maximize efficiencies and allows the physician to integrate a narrative note into any certified Electronic Medical Record.

ICDS will transcribe notes using our highly efficient document management system. Once completed, an ICDS clinical input specialist will remotely log into your EMR via a secure VPN connection and input the completed note under the appropriate section header within your system.

This method allows high-volume physicians to continue dictating as they always have. Once ICDS receives the completed voice files, a certified medical language specialist will remotely log into your EMR via a secure VPN and type directly into the correct fields within your system.

InHealthCDS is able to capture patient demographic information from various applications such as your scheduler, practice management software or EMR. The collection and utilization of this information increases the accuracy of reports from 50/50 to over 99%. Additionally, InHealth is able to return the transcribed reports into just about any application while placing the data into discrete fields within your EMR/EHR or HIS systems and not simply attaching the information as PDF file to the patient’s chart.


Subcontracting. Support. Managed services. However, you might define it, outsourcing has become the hot, creative solution that is helping more and more physician practices, hospital CFOs, Health Information Managers (HIMs) to do more with less. Less money. Less time. Less resources.

While outsourcing medical transcription is not a new concept, it might be new to you. And when done correctly, it’s a pain-free process that gives you the freedom to focus on more important things, like patient care. Please take a few minutes to read the Top 5 Reasons why it can help you to outsource medical transcription now — and in the long run.


When you outsource your entire medical transcription process, you no longer have to own a dictation system or invest in a typing platform or worry about upgrading to the very latest equipment. Potential savings of 17% in equipment annual support costs.


By managing an in-house team of transcriptionists, you are most likely carrying direct labor costs that are putting a strain on your already tight budget. Hiring such staff as Full-Time Employees (FTEs) means not only having to pay their salaries, but also having to provide them with benefits. By outsourcing all or part of your medical transcription process, you can gain greater control, streamline your staff, and greatly reduce or eliminate these expenses.


Are you able to stringently measure performance and impose penalties if quality levels are not met? You can if you outsource your medical transcription process. With outsourcing, whether 100% or just the overflow, you can cost-effectively manage sharp increases in report volume or a shortage in staffing without having it impact your turnaround time, workflow, quality, or compliance.


Outsourcing medical transcription services regularly document their accuracy and turnaround time rate, making sure they have metrics that prove they’re meeting Quality Assurance levels. When you manage your own medical transcription process, you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and turnaround time.


When you have to piece together your own medical transcription process, the entire weight of the solution is on your shoulders and having to work directly with IT, accounts receivable, and HR. Dealing with the day-to-day problems, cost surprises, and emergencies that constantly crop up. By outsourcing your medical transcription process to a single source, you free yourself of the burden, save substantial money by consolidating all your services with one provider, and still maintain complete control of the process — while ensuring that all necessary medical documentation is being completed in a timely and efficient manner for your practice.